A New Station for Roade

Traffic along the A508 has led to long tail backs into and out of Northampton over a period of time, getting worse not better. Both the M1 and A508 link Northampton and Milton Keynes and when the M1 clogs up, it informs tailbacks on the A508 as a relief/overspill via the A5. The English Regional Transport Association (ERTA) believes that better rail access would help alleviate these trends and make local areas more accessible, freeing up time and cost which can be used for other things. A new station for Roade would mean you could get home from London direct, without having to change for bus or car at Milton Keynes or Northampton for example. Due to subsequent development, it may have to go slightly south of the old site. This can be looked at with a sponsored feasibility study which it needs support for.

What you can do: if you agree with what we are expressing here you can:

  • Join ERTA – every member helps make us a louder shout for more of what we may wish for. Please see Membership page for more information.
  • Offer time and talent – if you want to get involved we have volunteer opportunities and whilst we welcome reliability and enthusiasm, we welcome any special focus’ or skills. Please see Get Involved (Volunteering) page for more information.
  • Area Reps convene meetings, gather people together, inform teams and help move projects along. It could be a new station, it could be a new piece of railway. It can start with you, as all progress and advocacy of improvement must. Please see Get Involved (Volunteering) page for more information.