Get Involved (Volunteering)

Great River Ouse Bedford-Sandy Rail Bridge Bedford

ERTA welcomes volunteers and offers of help, leadership and support. We have a variety of needs and backgrounds and you do not necessarily have to be a paid-up member to help out although we welcome people to join and/or make donations of time and money. From background or remote to hands-on and lead roles, there’s plenty of scope for most skills and talents. Ability to work alone or in a team and qualities of enthusiasm, reliability, honesty and ability to focus is welcome.

The way it works

ERTA has a dual structure working. On the one hand there is the membership consulted by the Executive Committee and steered, then there is the membership growing and taking responsibility to inform human and other resources, to ensure teams can be informed to pursue the campaigns as successfully as possible. These two dynamics are what we need to be working effectively for ensuring that our work grows and is properly peopled and resourced. There are roles for up-front people to spearhead meetings and negotiating support and there’s a need for background people to raise funds, resource and support the work beit manning stalls, offering transport, being reliable and researching facts which bolster the case for the projects. We need to raise funds to commission the credible professional studies which underscore support and help convince a cynical world that what we advocate can improve prospects for ordinary people’s lives, communities and well being. Could you be a part of our jigsaw? Join today and make yourself known to us, whether skilled or not, you can gain experience here. We value reliability, flexibility and enthusiasm. Whatever your age, whether sitting down or out and about, we have lots of things which need a variety of people and abilities to consider doing for us.

Assistant Admin and Treasurer Roles

Wherever you are if you can work reliably, honestly and either have a background in finance or administration or are willing to learn, this vacancy is for you possibly. It will involve:

  • Keeping records (paper and/or electronic)
  • Helping with finances including possibly banking
  • Helping with AGM preparation
  • Ensuring the above board and thoroughness of our housekeeping.

Campaigns Project Officers:

Our campaigns specifically: Bedford-Cambridge, March-Spalding, Great Central (Calvert-Brackley, Brackley-Woodford Halse and Rugby-Narborough area, Guildford-Horsham and a new curve between Redhill-Tonbridge line and Brighton main Lines and the realigned Polegate-Stone Cross avoiding line as well as Rails for Northampton and shire, need dedicated people individuals and teams to do the following:

  • Agree the reopenings are right and needed
  • Prepare a power point talk and make the case and give talks to groups, parishes and other bodies promoting support for the project and ERTA (Membership)
  • You ideally will be mobile (car) and able to hold a selection of our pamphlets and sales items
  • Seek stall opportunities and inform cover beit transport, second person on a stall at any time and making it known you are attending specific places for promotional and footfall purposes.
  • Seek to build essential relations with key stakeholders – Local Authorities, Media, Parishes, Elected Representatives and lead delegated meetings with positive and tangible outcomes in mind.
  • Liaise with a local Forum or the Executive Committee whichever you prefer.
  • You would join ERTA ideally and loosely share our goals and principles e.g. better public transport and access for all. Must have a track record of reliable and financial honesty and know how to keep records responsibly

Bedford-Northampton Rail link Coordinator:

ERTA requires a Bedford-Northampton Rail Link Coordinator to help generate support for the reopening, produce PowerPoint takks to audiences and find means and ways to get the line on the current agenda.

Area Reps:

The EC shall have powers to appoint Area Reps for agreed trial or prolonged periods of time. Area Reps shall be members of ERTA and be in good standing. Their purpose is to:

  • Recruit new members to ERTA
  • Advocate the policies and perspectives of ERTA in an agreed geographical area e.g. specific or general rail line reopenings, better buses, integration, better pedestrian and cycle provision and less cars, lorries, vans and congestion.
  • May hold stock and attend sales stall opportunities in liaison with the Chief Officer who may send another EC or designated member to assist or conjoin in joint collaboration.
  • Seek to win over support for all existing ERTA schemes and rail reopenings in particular and generally promote the expansion and good name of ERTA.

General On-Call Assistant

ERTA requires a General On-call Assistant whose duties can include the following:

  • To take on case work
  • Assist on fund-raising and promotion stalls
  • Provide transport
  • Support delegated meetings
  • Undertake research (Internet and Library)
  • Give PowerPoint talks to outside bodies to recruit members
  • Assist gathering stock for our stalls (e.g. second-hand railway magazines/books)
  • Media coverage
  • (General on-call role to assist ERTA and its practical needs)

Stall Assistant

ERTA requires a Stall Assistant at our promotion and fund-raising stalls whose duties are as follows:

To seek stall opportunities
To recruit a team to cover and man stalls
To collect appropriate stock to sell and develop ERTA merchandise
To raise funds on stalls
To take responsibility for recuperating outlay costs (e.g. booking fees) and/or donating
To assist fulfilling existing obligations with existing stalls

Westminster Liaison Officer

ERTA requires a Westminster Liaison Officer whose duties are as follows:

To liaise and foster good relationships with English Regional MP’s

To seek to set up meeting at Westminster and invite MP support and participation

To ensure MP’s have a copy of our Reopenings Pamphlet and our calls for a rolling programme of reopenings across the English Regions to be started as a matter of urgency and policy now.

Grow general support for ERTA and its aims, recruit new members and encourage people to speak up for us.

To coordinate and handle case work and generate input to consultations including Parliamentary Select Committee consultations and evidence gathering.

You must:

1. Become a member of ERTA

2. Join either the Executive Committee or Finance and General Purposes for Exec Liaison

3. Work with other ERTA principal officers

4. Be reliable, honest and committed.

Other volunteering opportunities

  • Trackbed watchers
  • Photography Officer
  • Media and Electronic site assistants
  • Assistants to Richard in the Bedford and central belt area (transport/helping with stalls mainly), storage, archive keeping, Bedford needs and musts (bus watch, pedestrian awareness, cycling agendas and road safety for all)
  • People to become members and join our Forums and Committees and help people them, offer to help taking minutes, type up and reliably distribute posthumously
  • Leafleting plethora
  • Fund Raising – seeking grants, trying Crowdfunding and Lawful pursuit of increased funds for ERTA
  • Meetings and Events Organiser
  • People to join our delegated meeting teams and help people them credibly.
  • Chauffeurs/I.T Aids – Seeking reliable and enthusiastic volunteers.
  • Any other offers to help, lead or support welcome especially around people, financial, office space, free storage and promotion.

If you are interested in any of these posts, please contact Mr Simon Barber in the first instance who will arrange to meet you in a location mutually convenient. If you are not mobile, you may still be able to work from home, so no-one needs feel excluded! Reliability, honesty and competency is what we look for. A trial period would be fitting in most cases for you to get to know how we work and us you likewise. A little can be great gain for all. What we do not want is people offering the earth and failing to deliver. Be realistic, start small and grow as you feel comfortable and able. Most volunteers are expected to dedicate an hour per week but advanced officers sometimes do an hour per day. The choice is yours, fit it in with a balanced lifestyle and above all, enjoy your time and what you do with us, learn new skills, meet new people, establish friendships and work in a spirit of mutual support, trust and fellowship.


If interested please contact Mr Simon Barber T. 0208 940 4399,

E. who can then take it further. Thank you.