Get Involved (Volunteering)

ERTA welcomes volunteers and offers of help, leadership and support. We have a variety of needs and backgrounds and you do not necessarily have to be a paid-up member to help out although we welcome people to join and/or make donations of time and money. From background or remote to hands-on and lead roles, there’s plenty of scope for most skills and talents. Ability to work alone or in a team and qualities of enthusiasm, reliability, honesty and ability to focus is welcome.

The way it works

ERTA has a dual structure working. On the one hand there is the membership consulted by the Executive Committee and steered, then there is the membership growing and taking responsibility to inform human and other resources, to ensure teams can be informed to pursue the campaigns as successfully as possible. These two dynamics are what we need to be working effectively for ensuring that our work grows and is properly peopled and resourced. There are roles for up-front people to spearhead meetings and negotiating support and there’s a need for background people to raise funds, resource and support the work beit manning stalls, offering transport, being reliable and researching facts which bolster the case for the projects. We need to raise funds to commission the credible professional studies which underscore support and help convince a cynical world that what we advocate can improve prospects for ordinary people’s lives, communities and well being. Could you be a part of our jigsaw? Join today and make yourself known to us, whether skilled or not, you can gain experience here. We value reliability, flexibility and enthusiasm. Whatever your age, whether sitting down or out and about, we have lots of things which need a variety of people and abilities to consider doing for us.

Treasurer vacancy

ERTA is seeking a new Treasurer. This will involve keeping records of income and expenditure, presenting accounts to each AGM and quarterly reports to the Executive Committee and dealing with signatories and banking as well as reimbursing expenses where agreed with the Executive Committee.

You would join ERTA ideally and loosely share our goals and principles e.g. better public transport and access for all. Must have a track record of reliable and financial honesty and know how to keep records responsibly.

If any interested please email Simon Barber for further enquiries.

General On-Call Assistant

ERTA requires a General On-call Assistant whose duties can include the following:

To take on case work
Assist on fund-raising and promotion stalls
Provide transport
Support delegated meetings
Undertake research (Internet and Library)
Give PowerPoint talks to outside bodies to recruit members
Assist gathering stock for our stalls (e.g. second-hand railway magazines/books)
Media coverage
(General on-call role to assist ERTA and its practical needs)

Stall Assistant

ERTA requires a Stall Assistant at our promotion and fund-raising stalls whose duties are as follows:

To seek stall opportunities
To recruit a team to cover and man stalls
To collect appropriate stock to sell and develop ERTA merchandise
To raise funds on stalls
To take responsibility for recuperating outlay costs (e.g. booking fees) and/or donating
To assist fulfilling existing obligations with existing stalls

Other volunteering opportunities

Ampthill-Flitwick leafleters

At the moment we have a need for Ampthill-Flitwick leafleters: Volunteers are needed to deliver a trifold brochure to every house in Ampthill-Flitwick area over a period of time. You must be reliable and have a modicum of common sense to assess risk and take necessary precautions e.g. dress for the weather, don’t leaflet if wet and only leaflet in daylight hours. Brochures can be supplied in intermittent stints and handed over by mutual agreed times and places. Please contact Simon Barber for expressions of interest.

We are looking to grow a team to help with Northampton-Bedford: We need:

  • Northampton area reps
  • Northampton leafleters
  • Trackbed watchers for all along the line, (monitoring the planning submissions to give us early warning of potential threats and reference numbers, so we can keep on objecting, whilst making the case to win on side support for the railway), can be offered in chunks: – Northampton Castle-Brackmills, Brackmills-Great Houghton-Piddington, Piddington-Olney Yardley Road, Olney Industrial Estate-A509-Lavendon Road-River Great Ouse, Clifton Reynes-Newton Blossomville-Station End Turvey, Turvey-Oakley Junction.
  • People willing to research and put a PowerPoint presentation together, making a case for reopening and giving talks to groups, parishes and outlets recruiting members and support.
  • Area Reps for A428, A509, Olney

Please contact Simon Barber for expressions of interest.

Additional volunteering vacancies:

  • Fund Raising Officer
  • Ampthill Station Project Officer
  • Leafletters; Irchester/Rushden
  • Irchester/Rushden Station Officer and Area Rep
  • Area Reps
  • Accompanying Members to delegated meetings
  • Any other offers to help, lead or support welcome

If interested please email Simon Barber