ERTA Bedford Agenda

For further information download the Get Bedford Moving Campaign Note May 2017

Rail Agenda:

Would you like to see…?

  • It recognised in official documents at all tiers of political elected and unelected spectra that Bedford and Bedfordshire is a central belt area bordering 3 regions (Eastern, East Midlands and London and Southeast) and should enjoy varied strategic local rail links to improve commuting options to and from the County Town and its constituent member satellite towns?
  • That a new rail link is built between Bedford and Northampton? – route protection is required?
  • Bedford and Cambridge with East Coast Main Line links built in too?
  • A Retail Halt-station on the Marston Vale/Bedford-Bletchley Railway with cycle-footbridge over it, to link Kempston and No. 1 buses with The Retail Park and Nos. 42 buses as well as thoroughfare onwards cycle access to/from Elstow?
  • That Park-and-Rail-Ride Stations are located at Oakley, Sharnbrook, Wymington and Irchester as part of a local stopper ‘walk-on, walk-off’ local passenger shuttle service between Bletchley and Corby in addition to limited stopper services by virtue of extension of Thameslink north of Bedford?
  • That as a part of the East-West Rail scheme, an outer route with limited stations at Wixams/A6 and Greater Cardington/A600 is provided to allow end to end fast transits and freight out of the urban centre, whilst an inner route is required to bring many visitors, shoppers, footfall and spend to the town centre of Bedford adding to its vibrancy on a sustainable basis?
  • That a national drive should be created to put a large swathe of our logistics and freight back on rail and a consideration of regional local reopenings with incentives for single wagon loads to mixed goods to block trains should be an escalator for growth by rail with location of warehouse and distribution centres near rail and funding to bring rails nearer them in some cases?


Road Agenda:

Would You like To See…?

  • Better and Safer Roads?
  • More one-way side streets to ease the general flow of traffic, avoid stand-offs on single right-of-way central road spaces?
  • More 20 mph urban and built village thoroughfare roads with calming measures if speeding and rat-running are a problem?
  • Better and well-maintained crossings for pedestrians and cyclists more evenly spread out?

Bus Agenda

Would You like To See…?

  • Better Buses and Bus Types?
  • For more Enviro 200 Series type of buses (see with space for the many different types of users and disabled-user friendly, rather than the conflict of cramped and cluttered conditions faced with buses on busy urban routes; which frequency has been cut back and has led to chronic crowding at times and too long a wait for disabled, elderly, mothers and buggies such as on the No. 4 and 7 Bus Routes?
  • Profit-making Parent Companies must be charged by Government, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) – who award contracts and funding – and Councils to “invest or go” in modern, safe, well maintained, clean interior and exterior bus fleets. It should not be the case of “clapped-out” until tight public budgets are squeezed. Get Parent Companies to basically do their job and fulfil the promises of Bus Privatisation in the mid-1980’s?
  • Cleaner and better buses with signs of mopped floors and general cleanliness of inside windows to enable one to see out?
  • Improved maintenance, reliability and punctuality of buses?
  • For C1 and C10 to be made to provide orbital urban services as part of their over-all end to end journey’s like Prebend Street-Bedford Midland Station-Bedford Heights-Gainsborough Rise-De Pary’s Avenue-Dame Alice Street-Hassett Street and out again via Midland Road?
  • Bus services and stops restored to Bedford High Street?

Cycling Improvements:

We applaud improvements thus far and welcome them to continue including:

  • Drop-down kerbs to making smooth cycling experiences more common
  • Cleaning of cycle-paths to remove excesses of shrubbery and any over-hanging branches, grit, glass and loose drive-way stones which can cause punctures to cyclists
  • Clear central reserve white lines in Park Avenue for turning into St Andrew’s Road
  • For all cycle paths to be brought up to a safe, consistent and obstruction clear standard and to be regularly inspected to ensure potholes or ruts are dealt with promptly.
  • For a consistent drive-way and drop-down kerb design for pedestrian-cycle share continuum.

What you can do: If you agree with any or all of what we are expressing here you can:

  • Let us know which suggestions listed here you particularly welcome or provide us any other feedback, please see Contact Us page
  • Join ERTA – every member helps make us a louder shout for more of what we may wish for. Please see Membership page for more information.
  • Offer time and talent – if you want to get involved we have volunteer opportunities and whilst we welcome reliability and enthusiasm, we welcome any special focus’ or skills. Please see Get Involved (Volunteering) page for more information.

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