The English Regional Transport Association (ERTA) is a voluntary membership-based, pro-public transport improvement association. Line re-openings is right up our street in advocacy, campaigning and nurturing congenial agreement and resolution, bringing people together and making common cause.

ERTA seeks to be realistic and match our available human and other resources and what we can reasonably do with the plethora of projects needing stimulus and advocacy. Clearly, we cannot do it all, and on the one hand are cheered others are growing groups to fill in gaps whilst the national bodies seem wedded to big projects and lack-lustre in grassroot upwards endeavours or at least not as comprehensively on the reopenings front as we would like.

There should be a rolling programme of re-openings across the English Regions akin to modernisation, electrification and station upgrades for example, alas this component isn’t happening and the queue grows amidst locked-in congestion and associated issues. Bedford-Cambridge, Great Central, Guildford-Horsham and Rail Links to Northampton are among our top priorities and our call is for others to join, join in and be part of the solution, not just a consumer bewailing the problems!

A growing membership would indicate we are representative and our membership is the best way to show support and solidarity. We also appoint area reps to help with recruitment and seeking opportunities, time, skills and talents to better get our message across.